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How to simulate or fake a payment when testing on the developer sandbox

To simulate a payment or fake a payment when testing on the sandbox environment, you need to execute a HTTP POST to the endpoint with the following parameters:

Endpoint - http://developer.lipisha.com/index.php/v2/api/simulate_payment
Method - POST
Content Type - Form (application/x-www-form-urlencoded)

api_key=YOURAPIKEY (from web interface under settings)
api_signature=YOURAPISIGNATURE (from web interface under settings)
mobile_number=MOBILEPHONENUMBEROFPAYER e.g 072312346
account_number=00123 or 00123#Reference e.g 00123#0001 or 00123-0001 or 00123/0001 where 00123 is one of your designated account numbers
amount=AMOUNT e.g 500 (no commas or fullstops just digits, minimum 10)

Once you make the API call, this will initiate a webhook or IPN which you can process.

You can use POSTMAN on Google Chrome, CURL or write some code to achieve this.