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How do I find and reconcile a missing payment or a payment with wrong account details?

Whenever you encounter a missing or invalidly entered payment transaction, you can use the Reconcile tool to capture it and send it to the correct account.

To do this:
1. Log in to your Lipisha account
2. Click the Reconciliation menu
3. Enter the payer's mobile number under From (in the format 2547*****) e.g 254722002222
4. Select the correct payment account to send the transaction *
e.g 01234 - Project Acc
5. Enter the exact mobile money Transaction code e.g EF1245XB
6. Click the Reconcile button

If the transaction is found, it will be immediately reconciled and both you and the customer will receive instant payment notification on SMS and/or email and if your system is integrated to Lipisha, it will also receive the web IPN on the callback URL specified.

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