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How do I withdraw or settle funds from my Lipisha account to my mobile phone?

To withdraw or settle funds from your account balance to your mobile phone use the payout facility as follows:

Step 1 (Load float to your M-Pesa payout account from your account balance)

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Settlement menu
  • Under To, select a Bulk Payout (M-Pesa) account, check that float is sufficient
  • Enter an Amount and Reference
  • Click Settle to complete

Settlements are usually automatically executed within 24 hours after they have been authorized. Once completed the funds are available in your payout account for instant sending.

Step 2 (Instantly send M-Pesa to a phone from your float)
* Login to your account
* Click on Payout menu
* Select your Bulk Payout (M-Pesa) account from the drop down.
* Enter the mobile number, amount and reference into the fields provided. Click the + sign to add more recipients
* Or
* Upload an Excel CSV file with your mobile payout details. Use the sample template Do not remove the column headings in the first row. Ensure that your number starts with 7******* instead of 07****** for Kenyan numbers.
* Click on Send Money button
* Click on Confirm from the Payouts list. (Not necessary if you have Request and Authorize privileges)

Feel free to follow up if you require further information on the same.

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