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How do I withdraw or settle funds from my Lipisha account balance to my bank account?

To withdraw your funds kindly use the settlement facility on your Lipisha dashboard as follows:

Step 1 (Request)
1. Login to your Lipisha account
2. Select Settlement menu
3. Check your account balance under From
4. Select your bank withdrawal account from To e.g Bank (EFT) | 00100123456789 - Barclays Projects Account
5. Enter the Amount
6. Enter a Reference if required.
7. Click on Settle. The request may be added to your Pending queue if a third party in your team is required to authorize settlements.

Step 2 (Authorize - Required only if you have a 2-step authorization process (maker-checker model) set up with your team)
1. Login to your Lipisha account
2. Select Settlement menu
3. Select the request from the Pending queue
4. Click on Authorize to confirm and authorize. The request is then forwarded for settlement.

You are required to:
* Have correct permissions/privileges to request and authorize settlements
* Ensure that all your bank details are correct for successful settlement

Details on duration and costs can be found on the following page: https://lipisha.com/payments/accounts/index.php/app/launch/pricing

Kindly note that settlement transactions particularly bank settlements need to be requested and authorized before the cut off time of 11am during business days (Monday to Friday, non-holidays).

Bank settlements requested on weekends will be executed the following business day (usually Monday if no holiday).

Bank settlement once submitted may sometimes delay if there are issues with the account such as missing or invalid details, bank restrictions, holidays, cut off times or delays beyond our control with the sending and receiving banks.

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