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How do I reverse a payment or payout transaction?

Whenever you need to reverse a payment or payout transaction, you can use the Reverse tool to make a request for reversal.

To do this:
1. Log in to your account
2. Click on your account name at the top right corner of the screen
3. Select Tools from the menu
4. Under the Reverse tab, enter the mobile money transaction code in Transaction
5. Click the Reverse button

The transaction will then be marked as Reversal requested under its status.

The request is then sent to our processing system which will try to recover the sent payouts or refund the payments.

The reversal process may take 24 - 48 hours as sometimes this requires intervention through the mobile operators.

If successful, it will generate a new reversal transaction and automatically top up the payout float or reduce the account balance in the case of reversed payments.

If it fails then no reversal transaction will be generated and the transaction will be unmarked for reversal and previous status restored.

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